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Webinars to position brokers for a vastly different benefits future

Broker Webinar_Marketing&Sales

Brokers – build your winning marketing & sales strategy

How does one benefits firm grow from 2 to 200 employees in 10 years without an acquisition while others grow slowly? In this webinar, we will lay out a model that will help brokers spike growth in 2023.


Beyond the ICHRA – The Next Wave is HERE

In this webinar we'll open your eyes to a whole new benefits world. We'll show how benefits brokers can set themselves apart from the pack by delivering "Beyond the ICHRA".


ICHRA’s – Avoiding costly gotcha’s that can undermine your business

What is the difference between delivering ICRHA Administration at $0 PEPM vs. $5 PEPM vs $20 PEPM? With all the noise in the broker community about ICRHA’s, learn how to develop a great strategy.

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Leveraging ICHRA’s to get the first quarter BOR

Are you looking to grow your business in 2023? Then why not start now. In this webinar we will show you how to get the First Quarter “Broker of Record” using ICHRA.

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